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M6.3 Trzęsienie ziemi w Christchurch

21 lutego 2011 23:51 (UTC) M6.3 trzęsienie ziemi niedaleko Christchurch, Nowa Zelandia. Wiele stacji QCN zainstalowanych w okolicach Christchurch zarejestrowała to trzęsienie ziemi. Niewielka odległość od epicentrum, spowodowała że trzęsienie w mieście Christchurch było bardzo dotkliwe. Stacje QCN zarejestrowały przyspieszenia do około 1g (9.8m/s/s), co odpowiada siłom grawitacji. Stacje QCN w regionie nadal będą monitorować sytuację.

światowy dzień matematyki

PrimeGrid’s Challenge Series kontynuuje „World Maths Day Challenge „. Światowy dzień matematyki to dzień, którego celem jest promowanie liczenia poprzez gry i konkurencje. Został stworzony dla studentów w wieku 4 – 18 lat, z dodatkiem po raz pierwszy w tym roku kategorii dorosłych, w wieku od 19 do 119. Rywalizuj z innymi na całym świecie w grach na żywo psychiczno-arytmetycznych.

Na cześć Światowego dnia matematyki, PrimeGrid oferuje 24 wyzwań (1-2 marca) na wniosek aplikacji Riesel Problem (Sieve).
Celem w tym roku jest osiągnięcie miliarda poprawnych odpowiedzi.

SLinCA@Home – upgrade serwera

Administratorzy projektu SLinCA@Home (Scaling Laws in Cluster Aggregation) informują że w bieżącym tygodniu będzie miał miejsce upgrade serwera.  Szczegółowe informacje na temat upgrade zostaną zamieszczone na stronie projektu przed tym faktem.

WUProp@Home, bug w wersji 2.36

Administratorzy WUProp@Home wykryli błąd w wersji 2.36 dla Windows. Błąd potrafi spowolnić lub zablokować sieć.
Błąd istnieje w wersji 2.36 dla Windows.
Jeżeli pobierzemy nowszą wersję musimy zatrzymać pracę projektu.
Administracja WUProp@Home przeprasza za utrudnienia. (więcej…)

Trzecie miejsce w lutowym wyścigu w WCG

[2011-02-03 2011-02-09] World Community Grid – Year of the Rabbit Sprint
Wyścig odbył się w projekcie World Community Grid.
Zajęliśmy trzecie miejsce. Zawody były znakomicie obsadzone (ponad 50 zespołów). Wzięli w nich udział autentyczni giganci jak
L’Alliance Francophone który zajmują drugie miejsce na świecie. W Year of the Rabbit Sprint także na drugim stopniu podium.
Zwyciężył Czech National Team, aktualnie szósta drużyna świata. (więcej…)

Światowa zmowa w sprawie Mlecznej Drogi

Artykuł ukazał się w dzienniku Rzeczpospolita dnia 14-02-2010
Artykuł jest poświęcony projektowi Milkyway@home. Przystępnie opisuje jego cele. (więcej…)

Po prostu BOINC | Udostępnianie komputera dla potrzeb nauki

BOINC, to oprogramowanie umożliwiające wykorzystanie wolnej mocy obliczeniowej komputera dla badań naukowych. Komputer przez 99% czasu praktycznie się nudzi, ponieważ jego procesor jest bezczynny. To właśnie umożliwia działanie BOINCa, który pracuje z najniższym priorytetem w systemie i nie powinien negatywnie wpływać na prędkość jego pracy.
Badania naukowe wymagają często czasochłonnych obliczeń. W latach dziewięćdziesiątych narodziła się idea BOINC, platforma przetwarzania rozproszonego. Za pomocą której nasz komputer i my możemy brać udział w badaniach naukowych. (więcej…)

Cheap pandora charms canada emotional net link and humor

I can’t locate it

2.5 supercelebrities(As a result of 4)

So to do that, you still need to provide things like a strong story, memorable classes, sharp making, emotional net link and humor.

Even or even more two.Something aside from this formulaic story we’ve seen before, populated by two dimensional types including token military villains and heroic tree huggers extended over 162 minutes just to show off cameron’s tech prowess.

Professional medical how you spend $300 million.Didn’t anyone gain knowledge from the well spent $30 million of”Centre 9, or even, daylights, the actual $27, 000 regarding”Sales person, maybe the $140 million of”Star travel”That showed how big budget blockbusters can nonetheless be done right?Or the full $200m of”Transformers:Reprisal of the fallen”That showed how easy it is to fall into outcomes over story trap?

Never mind this.Indie cord or hollywood bankroll:It all comes home to the Cheap Jewelry Canada story and characters.

Sigourney weaver the senate is not from strong james cameron women as ripley in”Aliens”Affords the only fully engaged Character in”Character”As medical professional.Love augustine.She was there just long enough to qualify to make me wish she had the lead.Under the sea jake sully, portrayed by sam worthington, who was the breakout star and only wonderful thing about”Terminator solution, jake is linked to an avatar of himself as the na’vi, the big blue catlike warrior natives of earth pandora.

His mission is to befriend the na’vi and get them to Links Of London Jewelry Canada move away from their home which sits on a heap of valuable unobtainium of will have them crushed by jake’s gi generic colonel(Stephen lang)And a soulless corporate and business dweeb(Giovanni ribisi, still adore you, boy).

But once jake meets the natives unique feisty warrior princess neytiri(Zoe saldana), Who trains him to be one ones he finds his allegiance tested.

We’ve seen that plot many times before, but you can make classic storylines work.

Look all that cameron did for rich girl poor boy in”Rms titanic ship, there are still plenty of people that love to hate on that film, but more than simply did fans flock to see it opening weekend, they saw it time and repeatedly and lined up to buy it on video and made it the single most popular movie of all time.Because fans fell in love with jack and rose while admiring the scientific marvel of watching the titanic sink.

Regarding”Terminator 2″Cameron gave us connected with film’s most iconic women in(His ex girlfriend)Linda hamilton as danny connor.Add to this the funny and heart warming bond between ahhhnold and eddie furlong, plus the effects that still hold up perfectly from 1991, and you’ve got a great film(Which is leagues any better then the first”Terminator, which cameron also advised).

That did not happen this time.

I don’t care that worthington’s australian accent slipped maybe once or twice in”The movie avatar, i’m more frustrated that ended up a couple of scenes(The first animal panic on pandora, as an example)Where an easier charm would’ve lightened some misconception a bit.Can be could’ve used a little levity.Even the various components of”Character”That should’ve been fun seemed to take their loved ones too seriously.

(I’m also surprised at the number of swearSworthington and otherSgot to say.I am not saying a profanity prude, but thiSiSa pg 13 film with many different kidSin the audience, and if he or she said”S”A or else”B it waSjarring and not needed. I’ve gotten used to how much violence in these PG 13 fantasy films, Regular, But i really enjoy seeing the language still surpriseSme. Maybe that’Smeant to be the next big uncovering. )

Saldana voices neytiri like a proud jungle knight with a soft heart, but there is nothing about her that’s original or memorable beyond her appearance.

There wasn’t a lot of latch on to with some other na’vis either, since usual chief in waiting who is jealous of jake because he’s getting tight with the chief’s daughter.

I just didn’t end up caring about them or getting invested in their estimated story.Which is a shame because the scope of the world cameron created is breathtaking from the backgrounds to the faces of every na’vi to the language they speak.

Hate to express it, but eventhough it was just as long and clich ridden,”2012″Was more pleasurable for me than”The movie avatar, i know that’ll make me the marked of fanboy furor, but so unique.Don’t assume all burp out of james cameron’s mouth is a gift from eywa.

„Character”Just wasn’t a lot fun for me to watch.Maybe other theaters were occupied adoring fans, but two people in my row in order to leave early and at the end of our screening it sounded like one guy managed some weak applause that no one picked up.

It jogs my memory of a phrase that comes up often in the film, and had become the leona lewis anthem at the end: „I help you, it is something the na’vi say to each other, not just to acknowledge that they physically see each other but that they see who they may be within.

That’s my trouble with”The movie avatar, i didn’t see anything under the outer at all.A wonderful film is eye-Catching film, but diverse more depth to be great.

I can’t recommend highly”The movie avatar”As the full package which you would hope $300m and a pair of 3 d glasses could get you but chance to find the seeing it for the visual experience, to get an idea of what will be coming down the design pike.I’m just hoping the next batch of stellar visuals remembers to add a stellar story.

Canada pandora charms cheap worry about the porn

I don’t worry about the porn

This isn’t very tightly related to psych issues, but i merely wanted to update from my last question about confronting my boyfriend.However, it is really long(And i assure you, my last post as news got around), But maybe it might help someone in time, I know I learned some things myself.

Here are a few things i learned from tonight.I’m not claiming that this works for everyone, but they’ve unexpectedly helped me:

1. )Things aren’t always what gachisites seem.For anyone gonna snoop, do full research because there may be separate explanation(Although”It looks bad in some recoverable format”).

2. )When dealing with someone about a problem, give them something take into consideration.Disappear, cool-Down.Come and hear they’re thoughts.Some might surprise you.

3. )Don’t bottle up feelings until can”Straw that concessions the camels back, you’ll only available pandora’s box.Deal with the down sides as they come, not let them be forgotten behind your mind they become a ticking bomb.

4. )Talk in a calm vocal, with limited emotion explain your heartaches rather than screaming them or only getting a few words out between sobs.It helps focus and keeps your lover calm as well.If your lover starts yelling, steadly say,”Stop screaming, i have neighbour,

Here’s the tale which Cheap Jewelry Canada explains the above:

Individual bf, any more, was acting a trifle suspiciously tonight.I suspected him of looking up/at things from the internet he didn’t want me to know about(I simply have intuition, we).And came upon later he had deleted all my history.

I recovered my background found out he was looking at porn.However the i said i wouldn’t on his birthday.

Since we decided on going out tonight with some friends, i declined and told him to just come over subsequently.He came over before simple fact that, after dropping them off at our city.

So that, i began to go into detail the things bothering me.He denied the lying very well, because he said the girl canceled their plans so they did not ever hang out.He got defensive and asked if or not he was allowed to have friends.My option was”That’s right, but why lie or protect it, but then he had to leave because our friends were waiting and said he’d return later.Still, i don’t cherish the porn as long as he’s not an addict.

My boyfriend is so hard to debate things with.He gets exasperated, defensive and part of his defense is attempting to make me feel like”I require joking, so that, when he came back i was really surprised at his attitude.At first we just chatted about daily occurrences and what not until he finally began system our issues.Truth be told, he hit the nail on the pinnacle.Most of what i had to say of him/our relationship, he said about by his own.He feels that he neglects me and we don’t get fun anymore(We usually sit on the couch watching tv together, practically go out).He feels that we should connect on a deeper level like we used to.And i wouldn’t agree more.He also says that he understands that why i don’t trust him and feels that if we were closer i would not have trust issues because he feels that he would not have to lie/hide things, and i wouldn’t constantly wonder if he’s being truthful if i’m with him more.He said that he needs to take me and our link off the backburner and pay more attention.

He did most of the talking and i think it’s because he had time to think about what i said and draw his own conclusions, who were right on the money.I guess it made me one would”A good”Conditions were”Their”Claims, and he felt equally.It was way more advanced than our previous”We must talk”Shares.

I also apologized for jumping to results about the cheating website, even when(In spite of he still denies it)I think he was checking out porn, which is why that ad popped up the first time around.

I’m feeling a touch of miffed still, mostly because i didn’t get to say what i was going to say with my words.After his long ardent speech, i didn’t bring myself to say,”I treasure that and thank you, but here are 13 other issues i want to share, and tear him down after he’s basically told me he will try to make amends and change.Which which has been the core issue, anyhow.

I did tell him that i was honestly thinking about dumping him tonight and gave him a few other things he should work on(Like being more kind of me).

He also explained some issues he’s having, which explains some things.I thought he did not enjoy seeing me, throwing away he rarely wants to/invites me.But nonetheless, he told me that he doesn’t feel right going out since he’s broke and i be forced to pay(I’m the one usually paying and have been in most of our 2 year relationship).And additionally, because i’ve loaned him big profits and he feels like a loser having me pay for more things.Simple.Now that he has a more satisfactory job and is making more money, he feels which people can go out more.His new job also gives him more free time as well free time he wants to save money with me.

Certainly, positive, we’re still conjointly and i’m giving him another chance.Yep, he’s lied to me and tricked my trust, has been neglectful and in all honesty, i’ve learned this”Same song and show up”A couple of times.But him coming up with his own solutions to these complaints, not just me talking at him about it.That’s really something i wasn’t assuming.And i think it’s which is healthy.

As he was quoted saying, tomorrow’s a new day and we need a new beginning.I’m still not sure if this is going to work through, if he’ll reverse.But today felt good.I will give it Pandora Rings another shot.

Thanks to folk that replied to my last post, it meant a lot to find some feedback.And reduced the problem organize my thoughts for this talk tonight and prepare me for”The many”If it needed to make a break up.

To become right, your posting was long, but worth interpreting.You mention some very important communication tips you really have a cool head on shoulders for starting the conversation and then agreeing to let him go out with friends.Another person would have insisted to talk till the end and ruin the night.I don’t know your actual age but you’re much wiser than your years i suspect,

That is a wonderful sign that he opened up on his own he must have sensed your seriousness.I’m also glad you aren’t fooling yourself, thinking everything going to be perfect you both need to continuously interact with each other.I applaud you for trying to figure out him.All the best to you both:D bella swan

Pandora Jewelry Canada in order to upgrade

Looking for new smartphone methods

I’m looking for advice on which new smart phone certainly is the best buy for me.I don’t have entirely a long time to go forum hopping for the best reviews/data on the new phones, so i’m hoping you guys can assist me.

I have in place an iphone 3gs, Pandora Jewelry Canada in order to upgrade.

5)Excellent gaming via apps.2)Multitask.I despise the inability to stream pandora and text or check email at the same time.I haven’t got 4.+ update to my 3GS yet word is it is battery power hog.

3)Cool apps/app manufacture software/streaming media.I know a phone being released soon has awesome app creation software available(Or supplied soon), But I can’t Cheap Jewelry Canada remember which toy.

While using above, which phone on earth do you guys recommend?I know hp is coming out with some tablet/phone things in the future i might even wait to purchase those(If commended).After, i like designs for larger phones, and the higher the screen, desirable hence mentioning the 5.6″+ tablets that HP is making with phone options.